Our car wash has pricing for all different kinds of vehicles, with options that include shampoo and detailing. Our detailing service offers interior and exterior cleaning, including dusting the inside of your vehicle, washing windows, vacuuming seats and floorboards, and caring for your seats’ upholstery and leather.

Each Car Wash includes a detailed checklist including:

  • Detailing: Washing outside (this includes cleaning of the tires, Drying outside)
  • Inside: Dusting of the whole interior, Washing windows, vacuuming seats and floorboards , wiping down seats if they are leather.
  • Shampooing: We will use a professional shampooing  machine to do the floorboards , cloth seats
  • We also have Air fresheners for sale upon request.
Car Detailing
Carwash Detailing

Products Used:

  • Plastic and leather cleaner
  • Armor All Protectant (if requested)
  • Professional Carwash Soap
  • Bug Off
  • Window Cleaner
  • Tire Wash/ Tire Shine
  • 2 Types of Shampoo (upholstery -carpet )
  • Interior Car Air Freshener


CAR / 3rd Row Seats/ Mini Vans: $70.00
All Pickup Trucks or Large SUV: $80.00
Shampoo (Includes detailing, carpet only): $100.00
Shampoo (Includes detailing, carpet and seats): $125.00
Chippewa Enterprises

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